Claverdon Primary School

Maths Week 2018

 ‘I’m a Mathematician, get me outside’

 It was Monday and the excitement levels rose as pupils waited to find out why they needed to bring their waterproofs and wellies for maths week. It soon became apparent that without them they could get very wet and muddy. They were about to embark on a week of maths OUTSIDE!

 Before long the whole school was either on the field, in the woods or on the playground exploring different aspects of maths all around us. Fun was had by all.

 Year 2

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their maths week. The week started with everyone being 2d shape detectives in the school grounds, followed by shape bingo which helped us learn about the properties of 2d shapes. We made symmetrical mini beasts on the playground, using sticks that we had collected with help from our parents and carers. Towards the end of the week we designed our Memorial gardens, incorporating lines of symmetry and on Friday we wrote 2d and 3d shape riddles for our friends to solve. We had great fun and particularly enjoyed saying parallelepiped (a 3d shape that is made up of parallelogram faces.)

 Year 3

Year 3 had a great Maths Week exploring different types of angles found outside as well as lines of symmetry in nature. We also had a go at designing a memorial garden using the Maths we'd learnt.

 Year 4

Year 4 began the week in the woods trying to find their ‘our own’ tree. The children had to find a tree whose pattern of angles matched the pattern of angles on three joining lines on their hands. From this we moved onto exploring quadrilaterals. The children had to identify different types of quadrilaterals outside and then use 4 sticks to represent them and explain their properties. Finally, we explored symmetry. We identified symmetrical and non-symmetrical figures outside (deciding that Mrs Hinch’s face was non-symmetrical) and used items collected from nature (thank you parents and carers) to make our own symmetrical pictures. The children went on to draw symmetrical mosaic pictures that could be incorporated into their memorial garden design. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

 Year 5

During Maths Week, Year 5 learnt about area. We discovered how to find the area of the rectangles and composite shapes that we could use in our garden designs. We also found a way of estimating the area of a leaf by drawing around it in our books and counting the whole and part squares. This meant we could use curved paths and ponds in our designs and still be able to calculate the area.

 Year 6

Year 6 looked at angles in nature and in man-made items.  We photographed them, then measured them accurately back in the classroom.  We learnt how to find missing angles within quadrilaterals and along lines and around points.  We drew large shapes on the playground, then smaller highly accurate shapes back in the classroom.  We put together costings for our garden designs, then used formula in Excel to create spreadsheets to calculate the costs of completing the designs (excluding labour!)


It didn’t end there! By the end of the week, everyone was challenged to have developed a design for a new memorial garden to be built in a corner of the playground. It was wonderful to see the children trying to incorporate the aspects of maths that they had explored outside into their designs. Voting is still in progress but we look forward to seeing the winning design being built.


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