Claverdon Primary School

Science Week 2017

What a fantastic science week everyone has had! Starting with a whole school assembly about what it takes to be an astronaut and the challenges that Tim Peake and his colleagues faced, moving on to our very own science fair. A highlight on Tuesday was our whole school visit to the Space Centre in Leicester, with the planetarium being a highlight. Moving on into the week were investigations that included using Bunsen burners, making fossils, parachutes, writing factual books and making space pudding to name just a few experiences. All of the children have been actively involved in a range of space activities, with much enjoyment whilst showing increased independence and resilience.

We welcomed our own Space Camp Ambassador, Space Camp Sam, who shared more fascinating facts and photographic images about Tim Peake and his Principia Mission, as well as running workshops for Year 5 and 6.

The end of the week saw the much anticipated Space Camp for Year 2. To say they were excited would be putting it mildly! All the children arrived in great anticipation for a space sleep over. Children completed their space missions with determination and motivation. A well -deserved hot chocolate with popcorn and crisps was enjoyed, as Wallace and Gromit travelled to the moon. Settling down in tents was the next mission, which was completed successfully. Saturday morning started with a breakfast fit for space cadets. The final mission was to wait in anticipation for parents and carers. All the adults would like to say a huge well done to Year 2 for their brilliant behaviour towards each other and the adults. Thank you also to the parents for your support and enabling your children to become fully fledged Space Cadets. It was a real pleasure camping with them.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of the staff, children, parent and adult helpers for enabling all of these events to take place so successfully and providing all children a range of experiences that they will remember and build upon.


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