Claverdon Primary School


Policies address the practical implications of how to achieve the school's vision as expressed in it's strategic plan and are a key means of ensuring that agreed values underpin day-to-day decisions and actions in school.

They are concerned with key processes within school and are about interactions between school, pupils, parents and community.  They are about ensuring highly effective teaching and learning, about safety and about basic human rights.  All policies are intended to guide the work of the headteacher and the staff and to provide a framework for the smooth functioning of the school based in a shared understanding of the school's strategic plan and vision.

We have 3 categories of policy

  • Statutory - covering major strategic areas required by law
  • Discretionary - additional policies covering additional areas
  • Curriculum - policies on specific subject areas of the curriculum

Each policy is 'owned' jointly by a member of staff and a governor who review them regularly either annually or on a 3 year cycle.

It is important that all staff, governors and parents have easy access to school policies so a paper copy is available in the School Office.

Additionally, the Statutory policies are available here for your information: